Flirting Primer: How to Turn a Boring Convo Into a Flirty Chat

Turning a phone chat from a boring conversation into a flirty exchange isn't necessarily about what you say but rather about how you say it and how you keep the chat going. Even a simple and appropriate convo between a bank customer and a teller can contain elements of flirting. It's all about injecting the conversation with the right vibe.

If you are ready for a flirty phone chat but not sure what to do or how to do it, check out this quick primer on flirting:

1. Be Confident

Women are innately attracted to men who are confident. That doesn't mean you should brag about your accomplishments – in fact, you should avoid bragging at all costs. Rather, it means you should speak clearly, avoid mumbling and share your thoughts as if they are truly worth something.

If you don't feel confident, just fake it until you make it, and be honest about your weaknesses. That in itself is a sexy sign of confidence.

2. Validate the Other Speaker

Just as you should share your thoughts as if they are worth something, you want to make the person on the other end of the line feel as if their thoughts are worth something too. As they speak, validate what they are saying.

When they pause in the middle of a story, say "I see" or "I understand" or "I empathise". Validating makes the other person feel heard and cared for, two conditions that are essential for flirting to take place.  

3. Ask Open-Ended Questions

Occasionally, your confident and well validating conversation may stall, and if you want to continue to have the chance to flirt, you need to keep the phone chat going. The best way to keep the words in your chat flowing is by asking open-ended questions.

Don't just ask something like, "do you like romantic comedies?" Ask, "Why do you like romantic comedies?" or "What are your favourite movies?" However, don't just stick to the world of opinions and thoughts on media. Instead, make your open-ended questions about emotional topics.

4. Get Emotional

When people talk about emotional topics, they open the proverbial floodgates and take down the proverbial walls. They open themselves up and become more emotional. As a result, they become innately more vulnerable and in turn, slightly more attached to the person with whom they are speaking.

How do you create this effect during a flirtatious foray toward romance? Simply, ask open-ended questions about potentially emotional topics. Ask about the other person's childhood, their most intense life challenges, their fears, their thoughts about their parents or their children (if they have any) or any other emotional topics you can imagine.

5. Avoid Sarcasm

Sarcasm can be a great tool, but when someone is pouring out their heart to you, it can seem mean and off putting. Additionally, over the phone without facial expressions, it can be hard to tell when someone is being sarcastic or not. If possible, avoid being sarcastic and stay honest and open.

6. Practice

If you want to put all of these flirtatious skills together, you should consider practicing. The art of conversation and the art of romance do not come naturally to everyone, but you can refine these skills with practice.

To practice turning boring chats into flirty exchanges, pick up the phone and call a live phone chat service. The person on the other end can help you practice your skills of acting confident, validating others, asking emotional open-ended questions and keeping your sarcastic wit under control. After a few chats, you should be ready to turn any conversation into a flirty one.